Kick off Conference, Brussels

States and -states of- Informality in Europe Current and Future Perspectives
GREY project Kick-off Conference, Brussels,
22-23 October 2013

brusselsThe Kick-off conference in Brussels marked the beginning of  GREY project and was the first of series of meetings included in the program. The Conference intended to make the scientific and other communities aware of the project. It was attended by representatives of the scientific community, commercial sector, policy analysts and decision-makers.

Formal agenda of the event is available here


22 October 2013

Panel 1 – The state of the project

Ruslan Stefanov, Rosita Dzhekova, Alexander Stoyanov, Vitosha Research
Studying the Grey Economy in Bulgaria: Review and Suggestions
Josip Franić, Pedrag Bejakovic, Katarina Ott and Ivica Urban, Institute for Public Finance
Causes and effects of shadow economy in Croatia

Panel 2 – The policy side

Gerarde Nixon, HMRC, UK
UK HMRC’s Approach to the Hidden Economy
Piet Renooy, Regioplan – NL
Policy Measure the Tackle Undeclared Work in the EU 28
Natasa Vidmar, Government of Slovenia
Tackling Undeclared Work in Slovenia: Recent Trends and Attempts to Change the Law
Ludo Beck, Beleidscel Werk, Belguim
Data Collection and Processing in the Labour Inspection Systems

23 October 2013

Panel 3 – Emerging research

Marina Polak, University of Sheffield
Undeclared Work in Slovenia
Marijana Baric, University of Sheffield
Undeclared Work in Croatia
Lyubo Mishkov, University of Sheffield
Informal Entrepreneurship and Tax Evasion in Bulgaria

Panel 2 – Main tendencies and approaches

Jason Heyes, University of Sheffield
Addressing Undeclared Work Through Social Dialogue
Sigrid Rand, Institute for Economics, Labour and Culture at Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main
Policy Approaches and Options for Tackling Undeclared Domestic Work in Europe
Joanna Shapland, University of Sheffield
The Informal Economy: Social Structures and Participants’ Perceptions’
Jozef Pacolet and Frederic De Wispelaere, Catholic University Leuven
Social and Fiscal Fraud in Belgium: how Tangible is it with a Survey?

Final remarks and follow-up plans


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