International Policy Forum – 2015

An international policy forum ‘Tackling the Hidden Economy: Employing Best EU Policy Practices for Growth and Jobs’ was held in Oct 2015 in Skopje. Ruslan Stefanov (VR) and Colin Williams (SM) both presented at the event, which saw a meeting of expert academics, local policy-makers and government officials (International Policy Forum 2015). A Press Release is also available, outlining details of the event in Press Release 2015.


Summer School – 2016

As planned, Summer School 2 was held in Sofia in September 2016. 18 young students attended with Colin Williams (SM) and invited expert Dr. Arnis Sauka (Stockholm School of Eocnomics, Riga) providing Inspirational Talks. The event was organised by ESR Fellow Legha Momtazian (SM) with ER Fellow Peter Rodgers (SM) providing support (Summer School Programme 2016).


International conference

was held in Sofia organised by Vitosha Research in September 2016. Over forty people attended the event, including academics, policy-makers and government officials from Bulgaria, Netherlands, UK and the European Parliament. Keynote speakers included Colin Williams (SM) and Ruslan Stefanov (VR) and also a woman keynote speaker (Denitsa Sacheva, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy in Bulgaria). Bejakovic (IPF) Rodgers (SM) Franic (IPF), Momtazian (SM) and Dzhekova (VR) all presented. Details of the events can be found in International Conference 2016 Agenda.


Dissertation success for GREY Project fellow

Congratulations to Rositsa Dzhekova, a Marie Curie Fellow on the GREY project. Rositsa has just completed her MA in Social Research for which she gained a Distinction. This was undertaken as part of her skills training on the Marie Curie GREY project. Additional congratulations are due to her for receiving the postgraduate prize for the best dissertation in Sociological Studies for her dissertation on “Examining the drivers of participation in the informal economy and tax evasion in transition settings: the case of Bulgaria”.


Summer School for Early Career Researchers, Zagreb, Croatia, September 2015


See all images from this event on our Facebook page, here.


2nd International Workshop on Undeclared Work, Zagreb, Croatia, September 2015


See a full album of photographs from this successful event here.


sgrada_CSDStates and-states of Informality in Europe. Current and Future Perspectives
GREY project Annual Meeting, Sofia, Bulgaria
4 September, 2014

This conference is a part of the work programme of the EU Marie Curie Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP) project ‘GREY’. The conference is aimed at discussing and exploring recent advances on identified policy measures in the first phase of the project and propose measures which might be studied in terms of feasibility of transferring them to Bulgaria, Croatia and Macedonia.

Time and venue
The Conference will take place on 4 September, 2014 at the Centre for the Study of Democracy, 5 Alexander Zhendov st, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria


Conference programme 


brussels hotelStates and -states of- Informality in Europe Current and Future Perspectives
GREY project Kick-off Conference, Brussels,
22-23 October 2013

The Kick-off conference in Brussels marked the beginning of  GREY project and was the first of series of meetings included in the program. The Conference intended to make the scientific and other communities aware of the project. It was attended by representatives of the scientific community, commercial sector, policy analysts and decision-makers.

Formal agenda of the event is available here